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5 Simple things that make your holiday happier

We may be biased, but we think a holiday is the happiest time anyone can have. So what can you do to make sure your holiday meets these highs standards?

Happiness is definitely something that’s very interesting as everybody experiences it differently and has their own ways to achieve it. We have put together some of the simple things on holiday that can make you happier.


1. Switch Off The Stress Button

stress free lady in sunset

It comes as no surprise, that one of the best things about a holiday is that you can turn of the ever so irritating stress button of everyday life even if it’s just for a few days. Holidays give us a break from the everyday routine and let us leave all of our worries behind. Switching off on holiday is much easier, especially when you’re taking a leisurely stroll along the beach in the morning, having a BBQ in the garden and watching the sun go down, sampling new food or exploring a new city/region. If you want to gain the ultimate switched off experience then make sure that your chosen destination of stay is somewhere of peace and tranquillity, perhaps the car-free Island of Easdale, in fact, we have two properties

here and many guests often tell us how relaxed and at one with nature they have felt. Why not disconnect your phone (not everyone’s cup of tea) and simply enjoy your surroundings?  If you’re wanting a break but still want to remain connected to the world of social media then definitely opt for a stay in the city, like Edinburgh, where there’s a real element of hustle and bustle and excitement. No matter where you go on holiday, we can guarantee that it really is the perfect time to clear your mind and simply focus on one thing: having fun!


2. Never Mind the Weather

rainy road scottish weatherPhoto by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Now, this may sound odd as Scotland is notorious for its weather, in particular, its four seasons in one day experience, but the country still manages to attract visitors time and time again despite the irregularity. When holidaying in Scotland, always make sure you plan ahead with your clothing or take an umbrella even if its a scorching sunny day! To experience the best of the warmer weather, head to the coast as it tends to be much there. For example, why not stay at our charming properties scattered across the coastal villages of the  East Neuk of Fife, there’s plenty of opportunities for beach walks, ice cream and fish and chips. If you’re planning to visit a city in the colder months, then Glasgow is certainly worth a visit due to a large number of museums they have across the city centre and of course the array of shops (it’s Scotland’s Shopping Capital). Be sure to head to the Buchanan Galleries, House of Fraser and many more.  Wherever you go in Scotland, the weather may not always be on your side but you’ll certainly find something fun to do to make a rainy day go by!


3. Silence the Alarm

alarm clock stress free holidays

An annoyance of an alarm going off in the morning is certainly the bane of most people’s life, regardless of their ages as it signifies that it’s time to get up and get ready for work and school. But on holiday, there’s no such thing apparent, that dreaded beeping sound is completely gone! You can wake at whatever hour pleases you, being on holiday gives you the chance to completely relax and rest your weary body and mind. Sleep is very good for you and being able to have just that extra hour or two will definitely help boost your holiday happiness. Or you could just have a day in bed and watch Netflix.  The majority of our properties have Wi-Fi and comfy beds so we cannot see why a lazy day wouldn’t be an option!


4. Eat and Drink And Then Some More

wine and meal

Before toddling off on our holidays, many of us make a vow or least tell ourselves that we’re going to shed a few pounds but does that really happen? On holiday, your weight woes often seem to vanish, the phrase ‘Well I’m on holiday’ certainly comes into play. You automatically want to try the local cuisine or indeed national dishes of the country. For many tourists in
Scotland haggis, neeps and tatties prove to be extremely popular, as does the drink Irn Bru and most things that are deep-fried in crispy batter from fish to mars bars! If you want to go full out on flavour and portions then Scotland is definitely the place for you. Some foods here are definitely not for the faint-hearted. However if it’s not food you’re after but a tipple, then check out the many Whisky and Gin distilleries across the country with their regular tours and indeed tasting masterclasses. Forget about the diet completely!


5. Make Up For Lost Time

family time make up for lost time

There’s absolutely no better time to be all together with your nearest and dearest than on holiday. Work and university often get in the way of seeing friends and family as regularly as you would like to or you’re just simply too tired or too busy to find the time.  However, if you’re lucky enough to all be off at the same time and on holiday too, then you’ll have bundles of free time to do whatever you want together. If you’re a couple, you enjoy romantic dinners and walks, a family then you enjoy some super fun days out, for example, a visit to Edinburgh Castle or wildlife parks, friends can also have fun together, perhaps go on a shopping trip and then consume several cocktails in style afterwards. The most important thing to do whilst you’re together is to make those all-important happy memories because let’s face there’s absolutely nothing than reminiscing about the good old time!


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