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Eco-friendly holidays

Over the years, more and more information has been published to show that our lifestyles are affecting our environment. It is now paramount to minimise the amount of waste we create. Plastic is damaging our planet and reusable options are becoming more easily accessible. Every little adjustment we make will help tackle the impact our previous choices are having on our natural world.

Many people have been adapting, making greener choices and routines to become more sustainable. This is pretty easy when you’re at home, but we’re here to help you with some top tips on having an eco-friendly holiday, so you can be a guilt-free guest!

Scottish Beeswax Wraps

1. Bring your own containers

If you cook a meal and need to refrigerate the leftovers, then being equipped with tupperware or beeswax paper means you can easily store them and pop it in the fridge for the next day. Coming prepared with items like this means you don’t have to use single-use plastics such as cling film or go out and buy a tub to store food in.

2. Shop local and organic

When visiting somewhere new, you should definitely give the local cuisine a shot – you never know when you’ll find your new favourite meal. Not only that, but this way, you’re getting a taste of a different culture, and supporting local trades over imported items that have used a massive chunk of fuel to be transported to the country you’re visiting. This reduces the carbon footprint, so you can eat knowing you did some good!


3. Be mindful of packaging

If you are doing the big shop at the start of your stay, be mindful of what items you are buying and the amount of packaging that is on them. You don’t really need to put all your veg into one of those slippy plastic bags when you buy them and most fruits like bananas, oranges and melons come in their own protective casing anyway. Being more mindful of packaging also means less sorting out to do when it comes to recycling!

Self Catering Easdale

4. Self-catered = Self-assured

Booking self-catered accommodation means you have complete control over the consumables you use during your stay. With all-inclusive holidays, sure you get everything for one price, but these industries come with a lot of waste that could be easily avoided.


Lothian buses Edinburgh


5. Use public transport

We know it is far easier to rent a car during a trip, and it will make getting to a number of your key places to visit a lot easier. However, many places have excellent transport connections. Scotland, for example, has a fantastic rail network that links various areas with the country’s major cities. We guarantee public transport will cost a lot less than renting a car – and you’ll fall out less over directions too! Remember, the team at Click Book Stay is always on hand to help if you have any questions regarding your properties location.


6. Pack lightly

If you’re coming to us by plane, the amount you pack can have an impact on your carbon footprint. A lighter suitcase means less emissions, which means greener travel! Pack what you need and maybe a couple of spares to keep you going.


7. Local distillery? Help the environment!

If you’re staying somewhere with local breweries or distilleries, enjoy them! Don’t just stick to what you know, enjoy the local drinks – you might even find your new favourite tipple and reduce the ‘alcohol miles’ carbon footprint along the way.

8. Respect the scenery and wildlife

If you are hiking and there’s a path available, stick to it! This keeps the scenery in shape for the next generation of visitors and you also never know what wildlife could be nesting there. The area you’re in could be a nature reserve or protected area so keep to the path and keep respecting your surrounding environment!


9. Water bottles and to-go cups

If you’re wandering a lot on your trip, a to-go coffee to wake up and a bottle of water to keep hydrated is pretty important! However, single use plastic bottles and takeaway cups are a big issue right now. Many places have water refill stations for free and some coffee shops may even give you a discount for bringing your own bottle – what’s not to love about this eco-friendly tip?!


10. Get familiar with recycling!

Recycling facilities can differentiate between different countries, counties, and even cities, so get clued up on the local facilities so you know what’s accessible to you.

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