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Keeping Your Security Deposit 101

Staying in holiday/vacation rentals is a fantastic option for your next trip which can drastically reduce your accommodation costs. But don’t they take ridiculous security deposits for these properties? The answer is no, of course not! Security deposits are only there to serve as a back-up in case any damage is caused during your stay. 

1. Document any issues as soon as you arrive

This is a great tip for holiday lets and long-term rentals alike. Have a look about when you first arrive to make sure everything is in order and if you notice anything that is out of place then take a quick photo or let the property manager know. It is very rare, as a housekeeper would pick up on these issues, but you don’t want to get blamed for a previous guest’s error. 

Spilled red wine

2. Tell the property manager if you cause any damage ASAP

We don’t bite. Actually, we really appreciate it when you let us know of any damage you have caused as it shows us that you care about the property and are sorry to have caused the damage. If you hide the damage or try to cover it up, this will reflect negatively on you and your party. 

3. Be mindful/respectful 

This one is a given, but treat the property as if it was your own. It is, after all, a home away from home. You wouldn’t iron your clothes straight on the carpeted floor at home, so don’t do it in a holiday rental property.

4. Keep an eye on young children

We know what they are like, young children will draw you a fantastic picture of a dinosaur in the woods on a sunny day and sign their masterpiece. But they’ll draw it on the wall, right in the middle, with a Sharpie. You know your children best, and we know artistic inspiration sometimes just bursts out of nowhere, so stay vigilant – but let us know if they do it so we can prepare a frame.

Child hand panting on white wall

5. Similarly, keep an eye on pets 

Never work with children or animals, or so they say. If your dog gets nervous in new settings, bring something familiar to calm them down. If your cat likes to climb curtains, don’t leave them with the drapes. Just give us a heads up if anything does happen. 

6. Clean as you go 

When you cook a three-course meal, it is important to clean as you go so you don’t run out of utensils. The same applies when cleaning a house. If you spot clean as you go, then there is less chance of that beautiful pasta sauce getting burnt onto the hob, and no rushing around trying to clean everything up at once.

Organisation for departure plan notebook

7. Be organised on departure 

Departure times can be different for each property and you can sometimes discuss a more flexible time, but a specified time is concrete. Ensure you are ready to leave the property before this time so the cleaning team can go in and prepare for the next booking. If you over-stay your welcome in a hotel they will charge as much as an additional night, the same applies to holiday rentals. 

8. Don’t have a Gatsby-style party

Jay Gatsby threw magnificent and extravagant parties to impress Daisy, and **spoiler alert** it didn’t end great for him. We’re not saying you’re trying to lure in your sweetheart with fireworks and large crowds, but parties of any size can get messy.  For this reason, many holiday rentals will not allow party groups (Hen, Stag etc,) to stay at their property. This isn’t because they don’t like a bit of fun, it’s because gatherings of this variety can cause a lot of damage which they will have to repair.

The short of not losing your security deposit is this – be respectful, own up to any damage caused before you are caught, and treat the property as your own. We love our properties and we want you (and all guests) to love them too. So keep them looking their best, and you’ll ensure you don’t have to take on an unwanted cost!

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