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New Year, Improved You

It's the beginning of 'new year new me' season, and if you say it every single year then this is your sign to make it stick this time. We have 5 top tips that will make sticking to your fitness goals much easier this year.



1. Don't jump in the deep end

Whether it's actually swimming or not, do not overload yourself with fitness activities because you want to see results fast. You didn't gain weight or become less fit overnight and by that logic, you won't do the opposite overnight either. Take it slow, start off with 1/2 sessions a week and build up from there. Slower progress is lasting progress and you will be more likely to stick with a plan that doesn't burn you out from the beginning.


2. Find an activity you love

Swimming pool lengths

If your friends like running but you're more a swimmer, then that's perfectly ok. Not every activity will suit every person and you need to find one that you enjoy doing so you are more likely to stick with it. New years is a great time to try out various activities as a lot of places will have deals for you to test. Try out a few different things more than once and find the one that suits you best. 


3. Be realistic

Say you want to lose 20lbs. A healthy amount to lose per week is anything between 1-3 lbs. By this logic, you should not expect to lose that amount in any less than 20 weeks unless you are following a drastically unhealthy crash diet. The same goes for building up running distances, there is a couch to 5K programme for a reason. Set realistic goals and know that taking your time will pay off in the long run. 


4. Don't go it alone

Group exercise motivational class

You don't have to follow this tip, many people enjoy working out alone a lot more than with a group. But if you are someone who will very easily pass up a session at the gym to catch up on your favourite series then having a buddy will help keep you accountable and give you more of a reason to attend. Find a friend or colleague who wants to get fit too and team up!


5. Know when to take a break 

This one is very important. It is very easy to fall into an unhealthy obsession with fitness and weight loss goals. If you find that any of your goals are starting to take over your life, (eg. can't go out for tea with friends, causing yourself pain or injury, obsessing over calories) then it is time to take a step back and get your head in the right place. Getting fit is about your health and if your goals are damaging to any part of it, including your mental health, then you are allowed to take some time off to regroup. 

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