10 things I've learned so far from lockdown

30/04/2020 Tara Scott

10 things I've learned so far from lockdown image

10 things I’ve learnt so far from the Coronavirus lockdown 

1.It’s good to take time out … slowing down and recharging actually helps get the creative mind flowing!

2.I don’t need the latest gadget … listening to music, reading a book or simply spending time in the garden have been more rewarding.

3.Spending time with family and friends is important … not knowing when lockdown will end and when we’ll be able to socially meet family & friends again is probably the biggest worry.  At least with modern technology we can still communicate until such times as meeting is possible.

4.Yoga is good for the mind and body … a daily dose of yoga, even if it’s just a quick 10 – 15 mins stretch, really does make a difference.

5.Home cooking & home baking – healthy choice … as much as I’ve always liked eating out, it’s been more about the social element than anything else and during lockdown I’ve enjoyed getting back in the kitchen and cooking up some nice meals.  Saved a fair bit of money too!

6.Shop local … lockdown has highlighted some of the amazing independent shops in the area (particularly food & drink suppliers at this time) and it’s been fantastic to see the resourcefulness too with some great restaurants pivoting to offer takeaway or deliveries.

7.Walking, even the same walk, is different each time … different sights, sounds, weather; every day is a new day! My dog seems to think so too

8.Exercise is a must … getting a sweat on helps create more energy and feel less sluggish, it also helps to stay focused.  Get up from behind that desk … we weren’t designed for sitting all day long!

9.It’s ok to put the mobile phone aside … it’s refreshing not to be a slave to the mobile phone and to actually put it aside at times.

10.Hugs are the best!