Protecting our communities

Tara Scott

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Helping keep our communities safe!

As we start to welcome guests back to Scotland & N.Ireland,we ask that everyone plays their part in protecting one another and helping to keep the virus away!  The local communities want to welcome everyone open heartedly, but they are worried that by doing so they could also see a resurgence of this terrible disease, so we ask that you follow government guidance and consider the following;

  • Face Coverings: In Scotland, face coverings are now mandatory on public transport and in shops.  Please make sure you wear a face covering or you could be faced with a fine. (Some exceptions are in place for children and people with certain health conditions)
  • Face Coverings: In N.Ireland, face coverings are mandatory on public transport.
  • Keep your distance: Social distancing should be observed at all times.  
  • Clean up after yourself: If you're out and about enjoying the local areas, please make sure you take away any rubbish and dispose of it responsibly
  • Shop local: Support the local communities you are visiting and help keep the businesses going, so they can be enjoyed for some time to come.
Above all, we hope that you can start to relax and enjoy the beautiful locations once again.  It may all feel a little strange for a while, but if we all do our bit to keep ourselves and those around us safe, we'll get back to something that resembles 'normal' a lot quicker!