The Best Gin is from Scotland


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(In our opinion)

Eden Mill

Eden Mill St Andrews Gin Scotland

Based in St. Andrews, Eden Mill was the first to distil spirits in the region in over 150 years. As St. Andrews is the 'home of golf', the crafted a golf gin in tribute to the sport. Eden Mill also has a large range of strengths and flavours and have recently made 
their, previously limited to Valentine's day, Love Gin part of their main range. They also have a Christmas blend available for the upcoming season. 


Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin Scotland

This gin is distilled in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, and takes its name from the historical city.  The brand has been crafted gins since 2010 and has created a range of award-winning blends in its short time in business. Opt for a stronger gin with tonic or pick from one of many liqueur flavours that are weaker in strength but perfect for a summer cocktail or in prosecco for a pop of flavour. 


Rock Rose

Rock Rose Gin Holy Grass Vodka Caithness Scotland

From the Dunnet Bay Distillers, Rock Rose Gin is infused with local botanicals to give it a full flavour that is unique to the region. These flavours reflect the area in which the gin is distilled, Caithness - Scotland's most northernly mainland county. The infusion comes in two flavours, Scottish Botanicals and Navy Strength, and there is also Holy Grass Vodka (pictured above) for those who are not a fan of the juniper spirit. 



Hendricks Gin Girvan Scotland

Perhaps one of the most well-known gins to come out of Scotland, Hendricks is a classic that is crafted in an unusual manner. The spirit is distilled by two stills, one to create a robust flavour and the other which creates a smooth spirit and a subtle flavour. The gin is infused with Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers.


Shetland Reel

Shetland Reel Gin Islands Scotland

If it's a strong gin with a clean and fresh finish, look up to the Shetland Isles. This spirit was originally only available in Shetland but, due to popular demand, it is now available outside of the islands. The brand now offers 4 different infusions of the gin and is soon to release a whisky.


Isle of Harris 

Isle of Harris Gin Scotland Western Isles

Come for the gin, stay for the bottle. The Isle of Harris has always been known for its signature tweed, but the Isle of Harris Gin is crafted to reflect the island's personality. The blend is infused with hand-harvest sugar kelp that is local to the island, the natural, and sustainable, ingredient gives the gin a unique flavour.