Scottish Recipes to take Home

16/06/2018 Sophie

Scottish Recipes to take Home image
If you have ever been to Scotland you know that the food is way fantastic and regularly overlooked by visitors to the country. The Scots are very proud of their traditional food. That’s why we have collected some Scottish recipes for you to try at home and convince yourself of the greatness of the Scottish cuisine. 


Traditional Porridge 

Traditional Scottish Porridge Christinascucina

The Scots love a good breakfast and what is better than some home-made, warm from the stove porridge? This is an easy recipe and it will keep you full until lunch.  With only water, salt and oats you can make your perfect, Scottish breakfast in under ten minutes. This versatile recipe lets you add whatever you desire, fruits, honey, cinnamon and much more. See recipe here.


Cock-a-Leekie Soup

Cock-a-Leekie Soup Great British Chefs Scottish

The perfect starter for a typical Scottish meal would be a cock-a-leekie soup. Since it is a traditional part of burns night in January (celebration of a famous Scottish poet) cock-a-leekie soup is a must-try for everyone who is trying out Scottish recipes. This “homely’ broth with chicken and vegetables is a delightful introduction to your Scottish dinner. See recipe here. 



Hectic Cook traditional Scottish Stovies

To continue with the main course, we have Stovies on the menu, an easy one-pot dish. There is no set way to make Stovies since it is made differently in every part of Scotland. The only important ingredients are potatoes, onions and salt and pepper. It is often made from leftovers on days with limited cooking time. Nevertheless, it is a delicious meal that you can alter to your desire. See recipe here.



Nick Nairn Cook School Cranachan Traditional Scottish

For pudding, there is traditional Cranachan on the menu, a dessert that is normally only served on special occasions like birthdays or burns night. The whipped cream with whiskey flavour infused with honey on top of raspberries and roasted oats creates a nice harmony of flavours. This quick and easy dessert is the perfect summer dessert and your family will love it. See recipe here.


Scottish Scones

Scottish Scones Baking with Granny

Finally, we have traditional, Scottish scones, on the to-do list for everyone who is travelling to Scotland. The best part is, you can make them yourself. Although the technique is a little bit more advanced we have found a recipe for you to recreate the famous Scottish pastry that is served in nearly every café in Scotland. See recipe here.