Visiting Edinburgh Castle: a classic Edinburgh spot

08/08/2018 Rachel

Visiting Edinburgh Castle: a classic Edinburgh spot image

Edinburgh Castle a classic and iconic structure that is arguably the beating heart of Edinburgh. Dominating Scotland’s capital city from its great rock, its story has helped shape the nation’s story.

Battles and sieges were fought over it, royalty lived and died within its walls, and countless generations have been inspired by it. Yet, like so many of our national landmarks, we take it for granted because it exists in our back garden, so to speak. How many amongst us are guilty of overlooking what our own country has to offer because we live in the country? A fair few we will bet! So we have put together a list of facts that you may or may not know about this historic building. 


Home to Scotland's Royal Jewels

The Honours of Scotland, which Mary Queen of Scots wore at her coronation were which we lost for hundreds of years and rediscovered by Sir Walter Scott. They are now proudly on show in the castle for visitors to see. 


Rich military history

The castle has a long military history. It’s served through countless wars as a barracks, headquarters and a prison and is also the home of the War Memorial of Scotland.


Recreate historical moments

It is a venue to an excellent schedule of reenactments that are educational and fun for adults and children alike. We saw the Schiltron performance on our visit and it was wonderful!


Not just an old building...

Did you know that concerts are regularly hosted at the castle, including Lionel Richie and Boyzone – not to mention the extravaganza that is the Royal Military Tattoo?


Recharge with a royal tea

There is a high-class tearoom, where you can sip from delicate cups and eat gorgeous little cakes in some seriously opulent surroundings.


Remembering a true saint

One of the oldest buildings in the castle is a chapel dedicated to St Margaret of Scotland, one of the most beloved saints in the world.

For newcomers and natives alike, the castle offers a great day out. Remember, sometimes the best attractions are the ones you overlook because they’re in your backyard!

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