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Self Catering Meal Planning Hacks!

One of the best things about staying in a self catering property is the freedom you have for your meals, you’re not tied to the hotel restaurant that turned out to be not-so-great that you paid for going all-inclusive.
Another great thing about self catering is exactly that, you know your own needs and can cater to them easily, so you don’t have to worry about allergies, picky eaters or dietary requirements, you can just kick back and enjoy your holiday. This can take some planning though, but at Click Book Stay we always have your back, so we’ve compiled some meal planning hacks for your trip.

1. Research the area you’re staying in

Some rural areas may only have 1 shop for miles, so it’s best to know where the local amenities are in relation to where you’re staying. This will help you gauge how prepared you need to be food-wise for your trip, whether you’ll need to do a full shop or can get away with just getting the essentials to begin with. By doing your research, you will also get to know the local eateries and treat yourself if you fancy heading out for meals sometimes.


2. Find that common ground

Agree with all the holiday participants on the meal plan for your trip ahead of time. By doing this, everyone will know what to expect and there can’t be any complaints. This may mean compromise but also, a smooth mealtime.

3. Have breakfast sorted

Want to make the most of your time away? Make sure you have food to fuel you at breakfast time so you can get up and away and make the most of your day seamlessly. Cereals, pastries, fruit and yoghurts will stay in date and are a great breakfast source.
Healthy Food Shopping

4. Get your shopping before you go

Once you’ve researched the local area, you’ll be able to decide on a shopping list for your time away. Although there may be local shops you can nip in to, get your shopping before you go at the supermarket and keep an eye out for deals that will last you your whole trip.

5. Batch cook

To minimise cooking on your holiday and maximise free time for fun, get as much prep done as possible before you go. This could be portioning out your ingredients, preparing your vegetables or full on cooking the meal so you just have to heat it up in the property. Every little effort will make life that little bit easier on the day!

6. Bring Tupperware containers

If you’re going to be batch cooking or preparing your meals ahead of time, make sure you bring Tupperware containers to keep the food secure and avoid spillages. Although most holiday lets come with kitchen essentials, Tupperware isn’t a given, and will also double up as lunch boxes for when you’re out exploring all day, so best to bring your own if you can!

7. Be well equipped

As mentioned before, the self-catering property you’re heading to will likely have the kitchen essentials, but if you’ve got a fancy gadget you can’t live without, or want to prepare something a bit more fancy, make sure you bring the equipment to do so from home.

8. Keep it cool

If you’ve got a long car journey ahead, remember to take your cool bag to keep those refrigerated food items fresh – or the alcohol nice and chilled!!

9. Snacks are saviours!

Don’t underestimate the power of snacks for that extra energy boost you’ll need if you’re out all day. If you have kids or are a hungry bunch, you’ll know how handy snacks are to have on your person.

10. Don’t forget to shop local and explore!

Remember you are on holiday, so don’t be chained to the kitchen all the time, take yourself out, enjoy the local cuisine and R E L A X!
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