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Tips for Travelling with Dogs

We all love our pets and don't want to enjoy a family holiday without them, as they are part of the family too! But if you have never travelled with a pet before, or this is your first time going self-catering with your furry friend, then these tips might remind you of something important. 


1. Is the property suitable for your pooch?

Finding a holiday let that is pet-friendly can sometimes be the first hurdle when booking your trip, but did you think about if the property is suitable for YOUR pet? Key things to check are garden size, surrounding areas and layout. That cosy, city centre apartment might be perfect for a Jack Russell but a Great Dane is going to need tonnes more space and room to walk. You know your pets needs best and help is always on hand to find the right fit.

2. Your essentials are different

Look at things your dog uses on a daily basis that you may take for granted. A holiday let will have crockery for guests, but a dog bowl may not be on the list. It is always best to check first or bring one along, that way your pooch can have a stress free holiday. Going out on loads of walks? Remember those poo bags! Many local councils are happy to supply free bags for you to clean up after your pet.

Dog labrador eating treats holiday

3. Check with the vet

It's not the happiest thing for your furry friend to start off a holiday with, but they'll feel better for it in the long run. Take a quick trip to the vet to make sure your dog is ok to travel or to top up on any medication they may need for the trip. It would also be worth getting the number of a local vet in the area you are visiting, just in case.

4.Plan some pet-friendly trips

Your pooch loves you, but they don't want to go on a rollercoaster. With this in mind, make sure you plan your holiday with your dog in mind. If you are staying in Fife, check out as many beaches as you can fit in. Exploring the Scottish Highlands? They'll love that, make sure the route you take has plenty of stops for your dog and be sure to bring along some extra water for them too.

Dog labrador holiday walk in scenic hills

5. Prepare for the worst


Not to put a dampener on your holiday, and related to our previous point, think about the worst case scenario. It is worth ensuring your pooch is microchipped, or at least putting an extra tag on their collar with your holiday address on it, just in case your dog gets a touch excited and wanders off on their own. 

6. Bring something familiar

If you would do it for your child, do it for your dog. Dogs, like many of us, enjoy the familiar in new situations. If your pooch has a favourite blanket or toy, find space for it in your luggage to make sure they are as comfortable as they can be in an otherwise stressful situation. 

Dog Pug in blanket in woods

7. Car = Vet

If you are driving to your location, remember that your four-legged friend may only know that a car trip means going to the vet for a check-up. It might help their nerves to familiarise them with the car in advance of the big trip, even if it's just taking them somewhere new for a walk.

8. Ask plenty of questions!

 We are dog lovers ourselves here at Click Book Stay, so we know it is important to you that your furry friend is as comfortable as possible during your trip. Feel free to ask us anything about our properties, from property restrictions (can my dog go upstairs?) to the local area (any walks you can recommend?), we will have the answer – and even if we don't, we can find out for you!

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