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Visiting Scotland: Top Tips

Travelling is an adventure, and for however long you’re in a different country, you begin to adapt to their mannerisms and different lifestyle. If you have never visited a particular country before you may wonder what tips locals would have to help you prepare for anything that place might throw at you. 

We have put together a few of our top tips for visiting Scotland to ensure you get the most out of your visit, even if you don’t have time to explore everything you want to!


Ever-changing Weather 

Scotland is well known for managing all four seasons in one day and having vastly different forecasts across the different regions. As you are never guaranteed what you'll get, we would always advise you checking the weather before you arrive, and don't forget an umbrella even on a sunny day!
We feel the heat as we are not used to it, so to the locals 12 degrees, means ‘taps aff” but to you that may differ, so be sure to dress for yourself and not worry if you see a topless man in the street whilst you zip up your jacket.


Country Roads

If you're wondering why the roads are something worth knowing about, you will soon see. For those outside of the UK, we drive on the left-hand side of the road, but that isn't our main point. Scotland has a lot of roads and country roads in particular, which are generally narrow and require a lot of care. If you’re hiring a car and want to make the most of the stunning scenery, be sure to pull over at a designated view-point where there are plenty of parking spaces to ensure you don't become that tourist that holds up the traffic! However, if you’re not hiring a car and coming to Scotland by bus or train then you can take in the scenery to its full potential. 


Take a Dram Home

Whisky and Scotland are two things go hand in hand. Whisky is known around the world as being one of Scotland’s top exports, if not the very top. In Scotland, there are over ninety distilleries across the regions. Whisky accounts for over 85% of Scotland’s food and drink industry, so it’s no wonder why the spirit is popular!  If you have not planned to visit a distillery and want to take adram home with you, don't panic. There are plenty places across the country where you can pick up a bottle of liquid gold. We have a variety of whiskies, ranging from the budget-friendly to the eye-watering rare collectables. Which one you enjoy the most is down to your taste, so treat yourself to the option that is right for you and will remind you of your trip at a later date.


Spend it Wisely 

A headache waiting to happen? Absolutely not but it’s worth knowing about the Scottish currency before visiting. Scotland’s official currency is the Great British Pound, like in the rest of the UK. Across the British Isles, you are able to use Scottish, Irish, and English banknotes, though do be aware that most places in England, though they are still the legal tender, will refuse to take a Scottish note so you are best to use them if or exchange them over if you are heading south after your visit. 


Travelling Far and Wide 

It’s no secret that Scotland is a great country to explore, from its historic castles and monuments to its lochs, there’s certainly something to discover whilst you’re here. The easiest way to see Scotland is by utilising its excellent public transport links. If you are within a city, you are able to get all day passes to explore to your heart's content. If you want to see more of Scotland then, of course, there are always train links along most of the countries major routes, and coaches that also cater to main locations. If you don't know where to start, don't worry! There are plenty of tour operators across the country, many of which can tailor your experience to see the things you want and skip the things you don't. Just be sure to book quickly in busy seasons or risk missing out. Wherever you go, just make sure you’ve had your own flavour of Scotland.


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